Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Context is king

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You are a passionate programmer, knowing how to write clean code, how to keep cohesion tight and coupling loose, and maybe even using building blocks from DDD and structuring code according to Hexagonal Architecture. Still, from time to time you have that strange feeling that some parts of your code are more complicated than they intuitively should be? That your code could handle new business requirements better? Or that it should enable new business opportunities, but somehow it doesn’t?

The most probable explanation for all above is that your code does not take into account one thing: contexts. The system that you develop is used in different contexts, and so your code should be tailored to each one of them.

This talk will be full of real-world examples of such contexts and of troubles that a system that ignores them can fall into. But that’s not all, as I will also show you techniques on how these contexts can be identified, and finally how to fix your code to be context-aligned.

So fasten your seat belt and let’s dive together into a world where the answer to almost every question should be: “it depends (on context)” :-)

Łukasz Panek

BigPicture (by Appfire)

Łukasz is a backend developer with over ten years of experience. Big fan of modularization, DDD and Hexagonal Architecture, passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. When he’s not working, he loves to explore everything that relates to electric cars and space exploration. He wishes everyone to live long and prosper 🖖, and to code as much as possible. Currently working with BigPicture (by Appfire) as a senior developer and team leader.

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