Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Challenges running a planet-wide computer: efficiency perspective

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How do you manage a system consisting of millions of machines, hundreds of clusters, and many millions of individual tasks efficiently?

What kinds of efficiency solutions does Google internal cluster have?

The talk will be mainly focusing on challenges related to auto-scaling, but we will cover other efficiency solutions. 

We will also mention challenges related to memory scaling of Java applications.

Beata Strack

Google Poland

Beata is a Senior Software Engineer at Google. She joined the company over 8 years ago in New York City office and then moved to Warsaw. She is passionate about applying Machine Learning to autoscaling, infrastructure efficiency, and improving analysis processes. Currently, she works in the storage organization on massively parallel copy service. Beata is a trained mathematician and physicist but, after joining Google, she fell in love with distributed systems and reliability.

Jacek Bzdak


Jacek Bzdak (he/they) is a Senior Software Engineer on Google’s Autopilot team, which is a main auto scaling tool used across Google internal cloud.

He has worked at Google for 2 years, is a member of Autistics@Google Employee Resource Group, and has a passion for the Google Internal cluster system (Borg).

He graduated majoring in Nuclear Physics (and almost kinda-sorta got degree in Philosophy). Outside of work, he enjoys walking his dogs.

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