Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

In the era of big data, where organizations like Splunk harness vast amounts of information to drive insights and innovation, the imperative to maintain data privacy has never been more critical. This talk delves into the challenges and strategies for ensuring data privacy within the complex landscape of big data analytics, particularly through the lens of Splunk's practices and technologies.
We will explore the multifaceted approach to data privacy, encompassing compliance with global data protection regulations, ethical considerations in data handling, and the technical mechanisms that underpin secure data processing. Drawing on Splunk's extensive experience in managing sensitive data across diverse industries, we'll discuss practical solutions for anonymization, data masking, and secure data access controls that ensure privacy without compromising the value derived from data.
The session aims to provide a comprehensive overview of building a privacy-centric culture within organizations that deal with large-scale data, highlighting the balance between innovation and the ethical responsibilities of data stewardship. Attendees will gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in data privacy, equipped with actionable guidance to navigate the complexities of data protection in the big data realm.
Nabeel Samad
Nabeel Samad is currently the Sr. Principal Software Engineer and Tech Lead for Security & Admin Experience at Splunk, Inc., based in San Francisco, California. In this role, Nabeel has taken the lead on projects aimed at enhancing the transparency of workload pricing for Splunk Cloud, which is an important aspect of the company's offering, contributing significantly to its revenue.
With a strong focus on security, identity and admin experience, Nabeel supports a team of around 80 engineers working across various domains including administration, authentication, identity access management (IAM), public key infrastructure (PKI), encryption, and secrets management. His role involves collaborating closely with both engineering and product teams to align technical roadmaps with business strategies, ensuring that Splunk's products meet both current and future needs. Nabeel is an active member of the architecture council at Splunk, where he participates in weekly reviews to provide guidance and share his expertise. He's deeply involved in security operations, working with teams to manage compliance and address security risks efficiently.
Prior to his current role, Nabeel worked as a Principal Software Engineer and Tech Lead for Security Services at Splunk, where he led the development of security and identity services for Splunk’s next-generation cloud platform. This involved enhancing data security and promoting best practices across the organization.
Nabeel's career at Splunk began in a more hands-on technical capacity, where he focused on improving the security of Splunk’s core indexing engine and transitioning the file encryption layer to more secure standards. His efforts led to significant reductions in security risks and improvements in data confidentiality.
As a speaker, Nabeel is known for his practical approach to complex topics. He draws on his extensive experience in the field to provide insights into the challenges of designing and securing modern software systems. His talks are grounded in real-world examples and he's keen on sharing lessons learned from his work, making his sessions valuable for both technical and non-technical audiences.

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