Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Managing stability and reliability of microservice based architectures

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Covering both theory and practice in developing and maintaining reliable, scalable microservice based applications.

Theory would be covered by a presentation. For the practical part I would use jhipster to create simple web UI application with spring boot backend service and go through some features that are not enabled by default that can help with resiliency aspect of any service.

Marcin Osiecki

BNY Mellon

Marcin Osiecki has over 25 years of experience developing software for the financial industry. After getting his Computer Science MS degree from Columbia University, he worked for number of Wall Street investment banks and fintech companies before joining BNY Mellon in 2015. At BNYM, he worked as a senior developer, project lead and application owner. He is a big proponent of technical excellence, continuous delivery, agile methodologies, learning and creative thinking (has a patent on electronic signature matching "USSN: 16/182, 789"). Anything that leads to elimination of "waste". More info on these topics can be found on his LinkedIn's person blog. In 2021 he was promoted to "Senior Distinguished Engineer" as recognition for his contributions to technology at BNYM. He currently lives in New York with his wife and three sons.

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