Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Bumpy 12 Months Path to Transform Team of Mercenaries Into Product Mindset Team in Xapo Bank, the first licensed bank for Bitcoiners, by Bitcoiners
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
The world of BTC is like a rollercoaster, there are no clearly defined regulations accepted around the world, and the price can fluctuate by 70-80%. When you are one of the first banks to lead the way to fully regulating this market, it requires incredible agility, and the ability to stop the ship, change course, and move in a different direction in a matter of days.
It’s a story of how such a dynamic environment looks like from the team perspective. It’s a story where a team transformed their mindset and productivity approach in 12 months - from measuring success by lines of code and closed tickets to delivering value to customers based on behavioral data. This presentation will take you on a journey of challenges, perseverance, and ultimately, success.
Discover how we shifted our focus from completing tasks to providing value, and how our motivation changed from financial gain to creating great products. We built a team of missionaries, resigning from being mercenaries.
Imagine a team where every meeting was filled with blame, arguments, and complaints, and everyone claimed that we were unsuccessful. But after just 12 months, everything changed. Our conversion rate improved by several times. Our reliability increased by 90%, and we went from taking 4 weeks to deliver the smallest feature to just 2 days. We implemented Domain-Driven Design into our daily work, making every refinement session much more productive, with 100% engagement.
Jakub Łęgowik
Xapo Bank
I am passionate about technology, programming, and building high-performing teams. My professional career in software development began in 2012 when I initially programmed solutions for civil engineering and geodesy.
Over the years, I wanted to have a significant impact on the software I was contributing to. I was passionate about searching for answers to questions on how to better organize teams to make product development more efficient. How to stop the constant blaming between people and show them what it's like to solve the problem of users with technology.
I went path from being a programmer, and individual contributor, through co-founder of a startup to leadership roles.
Currently, I'm Technical Tribe Lead where I help build efficient teams, I act as a consultant, mentor, architect, and programmer. All this to transform thinking from being mercenaries to missionaries.

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