Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Nowadays, cloud development is considered a standard in the modern application development world and along with it, using serverless functions for performing quick, infrequent operations. Developers who attempt to use Java for crafting such functions, however, may encounter unforeseen challenges.
In this presentation, we delve into the potential of GraalVM in the realm of serverless Java applications. GraalVM, with its innovative ahead-of-time compilation and native image generation capabilities, offers a compelling solution for optimizing performance, reducing resource consumption, and ultimately, minimizing costs in serverless architectures. We explore real-world use cases, demonstrating how GraalVM empowers developers to achieve lightning-fast startup times and efficient execution while also discussing possible pitfalls of the new technology, considering scenarios when we might want to hold off on adopting GraalVM into our projects.
Maciej Kolodziejczak
Datev eG
Software Engineer with over 10 years of expertise in developing robust and scalable applications using Java and related technologies.
In my tenure as a Tech Lead I have led successful development teams, designing and implementing variety of architectures, developing high-performance applications and delivering complex projects in various industries, from insurence to healthcare.

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