Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Exploring the Relevance of Unix Philosophy in Modern Architectural Solutions
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 4A
In today's rapidly evolving landscape of technological innovation, there's a tendency to overlook established principles in favor of reinventing the wheel. This session aims to challenge that notion by shining a spotlight on the enduring relevance of proven principles in guiding modern architectural solutions.
Using the well-known Unix Philosophy as our compass, we'll explore the timeless wisdom encapsulated within its rules. From simplicity and modularity to composability and scalability, we'll delve into how these principles remain accurate and applicable in today's ever-changing tech environment.
This session isn't just about looking backward—it's about reimagining the future by building upon a solid foundation of proven principles. Join me as we harness the power of Unix Philosophy to navigate the complexities of modern architecture and pave the way for innovative solutions ahead.
Daniel Pokusa
Pragmatic person with over 13 years of profesional experience fascinated about lean methodologies, automation and efficiency on daily basis. Software Developer closely related to JVM languages, technical team leader, architect, sometimes delivery manager when its necessary. On the other hand trainer and consultant specialized in software quality, software architecture, and devops related topics (mostly Kubernetes and GCP). Believes that most important thing in software development is good communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing.

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