Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Can you imagine working without support for refactoring, code completion and other features of modern IDEs that we consider a must nowadays? If you are asking yourself how can one pose such an absurd question, then this talk is definitely for you. I will take you on a dystopian journey (which really resembles Frodo's journey to Mordor) where I had to come to terms with such inhuman working conditions.
We will talk about what features of web integrated development environments might catch your eye, and "features" that might have a chance to drive you so mad that you will start to sympathize with one of the kings that ruled from the Iron Throne.
By the time this talk ends, your life will have changed and you won't take one of the most important aspect of your work life, i.e. IDE, for granted.
Pavol Dudrik
GlobalLogic Slovakia
Lead software engineer at GlobalLogic Slovakia, currently leading a team of data engineers that are building a complex data platform using cloud resources. As a result of his rich development experience, Pavol is a passionate speaker and a trainer who likes focusing on the most fundamental topics which are quite often overlooked. Pavol is no stranger to a long stroll in nature and he especially enjoys it when dealing with a difficult challenge in order to clear his mind.

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