Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Did you ever wonder how some tech teams just seem to do amazing stuff, like they've got superhero powers?
They just click and produce amazing things whether they're in the office or working from home. 
If you're curious how they do it, you've got to check out our talk! We're diving into the secret sauce that makes these teams awesome.
Tomasz Manugiewicz
Grand Parade
Tomasz Manugiewicz is the General Manager of Grand Parade Poland. An engineer at heart. A speaker by passion. He has delivered speeches at the largest European IT conferences, also as a keynote speaker. He has had presentations for brands such as Devoxx Belgium, Devoxx Poland, Agile Tour London, Agile Central Europe, DevDays Europe, Code Europe, US Global DeveloperWeek and many more.
In the IT sector since 2006. He worked as an Engineering Manager and, at the beginning of his path, when he was a Java Engineer, he helped to create the first Polish online banking systems. He also worked for international global corporations, including in the banking and ICT telecom sectors. Tomasz is an Agile enthusiast and coach - conducted his first Agile Transformation in 2009.
Tomasz is a co-author of the leadership book "The LiGHT BOOK2 - Leaders' insights for leaders based on true stories". At the AGH University of Technology, he is a lecturer, supporting young engineers on their way to the world of IT. Tomasz is also part of Jagiellonian University Advisory Board and Mentor at Leaders Island.

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