Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

"Oh... Now I see... I mean Integration tests between `modules`, while you mean between `components`" - Discovered after an hour-long discussion during Code Review. They need one more our to find out that integrating a `module` is very different from `component`. But first things first, let them discover first that they define a `module` and `component` in a different way. Then the tester says: Integration is when we connect `microservices` together...
Is that true that we can only develop unit, integration and E2E tests? Then what is the `unit`? And `Integration` - means we integrate what? It's worth to pick one of the testing strategies. Wow... so we can have a strategy? And there's more than one to choose? Show us!
I will! but please leave behind your boundaries and prepare to embrace something new.
Jacek Milewski
Bottega IT Minds, Circle K
I create software with care for clean code, tests and architecture. I have a pragmatic architecture approach and design it to fit business needs. I trust in use automation and observability. Doing the User friendly and performant things satisfies me the most. My goal is to be in an environment that drives my personal development. Advocating that the only way to deliver software product fast, is to build it in a high quality.

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