Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

STM and Structured Concurrency – The Battle of Multithreading Dragons
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Concurrency in Java is a huge and scary part of the language. Many programmers try to avoid this dragon's land. However, I invite you to take a tour of the lesser known corners of this land. We'll have a look at the innovations associated with Structured Concurrency (The Green Dragon) and visit the unknown territories associated with Software Transactional Memory (The Blue Dragon). I will show you how to build a simple pseudo-transactional system on your own (The Pink Dragon, and yes, we have pink dragons). We will end our journey through the magical land of concurrency by building a demo that uses the above solutions.
The presentation is aimed at people who are familiar with the basic concurrency mechanisms in Java, but want to expand their knowledge with novelties and techniques from other languages available on the JVM platform.
Bartłomiej Kuczyński
Born, turned on the computer and started programming. BSc in Computer Physics from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, but the last 20 years have been spent programming on the JVM. Big fan of new technologies and the use of good old mathematics in modern enterprise IT. Private worshipper of the God Machine, fan of w40k, gamer and father of Gork (or Mork) and World Eater.

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