Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

IT is changing dynamically and often unpredictably. Whether we like it or not, one trend remains constant - the level of abstraction is constantly rising.
The vast majority of us don’t use assembly, C, C++, and many other languages anymore. We are constantly looking for more high-level solutions that will save time, reduce errors, and make our lives easier. The same goes for the hardware. The era of bootstrapping and managing servers has given way to the convenience of the cloud. Not only in the context of machines but also in managed container orchestrators, databases, event buses, and more. The question is, what's next?
Let’s climb one more level up. Instead of choosing our cloud-native stack from hundreds of options, it’s time for Kalix, a new PaaS from Lightbend. The philosophy of Kalix is very simple: write your domain code (using built-in components), and we'll take care of the rest, including infrastructure, deployment, persistence, scaling, security, monitoring, and observability.
Everything in Kalix is strongly oriented towards an event-driven approach. Patterns like CQRS or Event Sourcing are the fundamentals of the Kalix programming model, but this time, instead of solving the same problems over and over again, we can focus on the domain instead of spending weeks on technical puzzles.
Andrzej Ludwikowski
Software Architect with over 13 years of experience in commercial software development. Conference speaker and blogger. Devotee of DDD, Event Sourcing and Polyglot Persistence. System performance bottlenecks validator. Continuously chasing the dream of a perfect software architecture, which does not exist, but looking for it is the goal itself. Currently, Kalix engineer at Lightbend.

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