Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Low code? nah... but less code? yeah!

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Rapid development of application and services becomes a key to be relevant and stay on the market for many organization. The sooner you release the better. At the same time release often to quickly address any of the issues or further feature requests. Sometimes this comes with a cost at how quickly you can build your business logic, modern frameworks helps a lot but often brings also the difficulty to explain what is implemented to business stakeholders. More and more tools from "low code" movement has raised to address this but they usually have number of constraints.

In this presentation, Maciej will introduce you to building services and functions based on workflows that will illustrate the business logic of the service as flow chart so it can be easily consumed by business stakeholders and also by developers. This technique is somewhere in between low code and custom development. It's sort of less code approach - model your business logic that is considered as programming language but delegate lots of heavy lifting to modern frameworks like Quarkus and Microprofile.

The presentation will be mostly live coding to build a service from scratch that will be exposed with both REST and GraphQL service interfaces, produce messages to Apache Kafka and store data in MongoDB.

Come and see how workflows can transform your service delivery into easy to understand services that are shipped to production instantly.

Maciej Swiderski


Maciej is an independent software engineer at OpenEnterprise. Since 2007 he is in the business automation and workflow domain both from a development point of view and helping to adopt business automation in different sectors. The last several years he spent building and running workflows at scale utilizing various cloud-native solutions e.g. Kubernetes, KNative. He's passionate about open source and tries to promote it wherever possible. He is also a creator of the open-source project Automatiko ( that aims at building services and functions based on workflows.

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