Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Workshop - Microservices: Go Native and Containerize with Java using Quarkus

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Microservices is revolutionizing app development even in the Java world. Spring, Quarkus and Micronaut now all support GraalVM and provide compilation options to build native java images. Welcome back JNI!

Attend this session to deep dive into light deployments (kubernetes) and lightning fast bootstraps (serverless) in a workshop format with nothing to pre-install. During this workshop we will leverage the holy todolist sample application including backends primarily on Quarkus.

After attending the session, you take back a working applications source code ... and this in itself is great, plus an introductory knowledge of which platform might work for your scenario.

Raghavan Srinivas

Raghavan "Rags" Srinivas (@ragss) works as a Developer Advocate/Architect with a mission to help developers build highly scalable and available systems. His areas of focus are containers, Open Source and DevOps. His general interest is in distributed systems, with a specialization in Cloud Computing and Big Data. He worked on Kubernetes, Azure, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack and Hadoop during its early stages and helped customers with implementations..

Rags brings with him over 30 years of hands-on software development and over 20 years of solutions architecture and technology evangelism experience and is on a never-ending mission to simplify the developer inner loop.

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