Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Recent changes in the software development industry - like the widely discussed “death of agile” and massive layoffs in tech companies - may suggest that there is something disturbing in the very core of either the discipline or the business. In software development DDD is an abbreviation which stands for Domain-Driven Development. In this lightning talk I will suggest a different understanding of the first “D” - highlighting six popular delusions of our industry that hurt it alot in the recent years. I will also suggest how we can move beyond them to build both - great software and great software companies. Six delusions are as follows:
  1. The Agile Delusion
  2. The Metric Delusion
  3. The Process Delusion
  4. The Mindset Delusion
  5. The Manager Delusion
  6. The Leadership Delusion
This talk is a quick exercise in becoming disillusioned and fixing the way we work!
Mateusz Trawiński
For the last 5 years I’ve been engaged in promoting various Agile frameworks. Currently I work in SimCorp as a Senior Engineering Manager for a two great full stack development teams. My vision of leadership can be shortened to one sentence: use proven knowledge on people and process to create a learning organization. Prior to my current role I worked as a Scrum Master where I was engaged in Agile framework implementation within the companies I worked for and for external clients. Before I got fascinated with Scrum I took part in a scientific research project that focused on the impact of neuroscience research on contemporary society which resulted in me being a co-author of a book “Suicide of Enlightment. How neuroscience and new technologies impact human world” (Samóbójstwo Oświecenia? Jak neuronauka i nowe technologie pustoszą ludzki świat).
In my free time I’m a passionate rock and alpine climber (depends on the season).

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