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A good software engineer should be able to come up with solution options for the business problems, to facilitate technical discussions, to choose the right option and should have the necessary skill set to implement the chosen option. The candidate should have the expertise to make technical decisions in different technical areas and articulate the rationale clearly. Sounds familiar, but how to put it into practice?
This presentation will equip you with the necessary tools to excel in standard System Design interviews. It incorporates our empirical research findings and is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly.
Oleksandr Ivanov
Tesco Technology and Services Europe
Oleksandr Ivanov is a Software Development Manager at Tesco Technology. He leads innovations in Tesco Location Services - it's an API service that holds all key data of Tesco owned physical and virtual locations (Tesco stores and more) across all operating regions.
He also contributes to Tesco‚Äôs growth as a Software Development Lifecycle recruitment leader.
Outside of work, he likes playing guitar and spend time playing boarding games.

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