Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

How much for that developer? A no nonsense talk about the cost of running a business

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At one point in your professional career, you might decide to quit and live in the woods (or "wyjechać w Bieszczady", like we say in Poland) or start your own business. For the first one you'll need to build a log cabin, for the second one you'll need to build your business case. This talk is supposed to help you with the latter by providing you with a honest summary of how much it costs to run a business and scale it to around 100 employees.

Bartek Gerlich

Four Suits Technology

Bartek is still a developer at heart although in is 15 years of a career he has been building and designing everything from virtual desktop environments, though integration systems and ending on transaction processing backends and SPAs. Currently he's running a polish subsidiary of a large, US based company. In his free time he enjoys a sitting in a dark room, waiting for his two babies to finally fall asleep.

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