Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Jean-Francois GAUDY
Jean-François joined Inetum in 2010 and has successively been Director of Microsoft Practices, Mobility and then Innovation. Previously, he ran his own software publishing and services company, before joining Unilog/Logica to take charge of the creation of new products and collaborative practices. As Chief Innovation Officer, Jean-François implements Inetum's innovation strategy. Among other things, he is currently in charge of a team of 150 people entirely dedicated to research and innovation. Topics covered range from computer vision to virtual reality, language comprehension or synthetic data to name a few. This allows him to create very new experiences, mixing very different cutting-edge subjects. He never has quite enough time to dedicate to his passions, which include cooking, motorcycling, diving, music and even clothes designing. However, he can quite often be found strolling through the markets of Lisbon…
Putting it all together: the new Turing test
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 4B

When Alan Turing proposed his famous test, it was to see whether a machine could imitate human conversation.

Imagine a new version of the Turing test, in a virtual world, where the challenge would be to reproduce much more than a conversation: human behavior.


When it comes to research and innovation, we often focus on a particular subject. However, the solutions sometimes come from a mixture of several fields of expertise.


This conference explores the particularities of a wide variety of technological fields, their challenges, and the difficulties that need to be addressed.

We will talk for example about collaboration and interactions with the environment in a virtual world as well as the software challenges that the enormous amount of manipulated information engenders. We will discuss the difficulties of training a bot that must be able to move from one conversation to another while maintaining context. We will talk about training neural networks with synthetic data.

We will imagine how to control an avatar so that its movements appear fluid and we will take stock of all the technologies involved here.

Finally, let's see how we could put it all together to imagine a new Turing test.


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