Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Marcin Chrost
JCommerce / Sages
Java Developer and Technical Leader at JCommerce with over 15 years of experience and IT trainer at Sages and CodersLab. I have participated in many international projects and now regularly support younger colleagues in their professional development. I like novelties in the IT world, although approach them with common sense and reserve resulting from experience. What I appreciate the most, are well-coordinated and self-organizing teams that can motivate themselves. I also believe that soft skills in the IT world are as important as technical ones and are often underestimated.
IntelliJ debugger tips & tricks
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 2

Almost every Java developer uses IntelliJ debugger in everyday work – but are we taking advantage of the entire potential of its features? Of course it is impossible to show all of them within the one hour.

However we can focus on the most important ones that will make our life easier - among others:

- adding non-obtrusive logging

- searching for the lost exceptions

- altering the execution path (even with going back in time)

After the presentation (in form of live coding / debugging) everyone should feel being sufficiently armoured to fight with the dragons / bugs within the code.

The session will rather be a practical one - let the debugger speak instead of slides :)


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