Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Denys Makogon

Software enthusiast, a fan of designing and developing platforms and software as a service applications for various cloud infrastructures. He’s a principal software developer, and developer advocate at Oracle, concentrating on product development along with bringing well-designed and production-ready integration with cloud solutions, a contributor to various open-source projects, and cloud-related technologies along with having fun with IoT devices and photography.

Blogger, photographer (Best Photo in 2019 by 35Awards), traveler. Denis is a regular attendee and speaker at OpenStack summits (Atlanta, Austin, Paris, Barcelona, Boston) and PyCons (Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy), PyLondinium, Decompile.De. Co-author of OpenStack Application development, OpenStack Trove Essentials.

JDK 22 is here, Project Panama is a new hot topic, as was Loom in JDK 21, and it's time to retire your custom JNI code and replace it with something entirely new and efficient. It's a great time to get familiar with API's, build applications with something more than "C print" and, more importantly, develop Java libraries with native code (including the whole release cycle). If you want to learn Panama and build things that don't yet exist in the Java ecosystem (in one form or another), you will find this talk quite entertaining, as there are not many times when you can learn something new. So the target audience for this talk is developers who are ready to build new tools with C/C++/Rust and bring the power of native code to the Java ecosystem, JDK and runtime. In this talk you will learn:
- New JDK APIs - Foreign Function & Memory APIs;
- How it differs from JNI
- How to build Java applications using native code, but with something different from JNI
- How to build a Java library from native code and release it via CI/CD based on the existing open source project;

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