Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Jakob Jenkov

Jakob Jenkov is an AWS solution architect, principal engineer, senior Java developer and Java Champion - with experience in active software development since 1998, and hobby programming (C128 Basic / Amiga 500 Assembly) since 1987.

Jakob has been blogging since 2006 about Java and other software development related topics on .

Jakob is also interested in decentralized technology such as P2P as well as various hybrids between P2P and client-server.

Compositional Design
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Compositional Design means designing for composability. More precisely, that
means breaking your code up into smaller pieces which can be composed together to
form solutions to a variety of problems.
Compositional Design focuses on why we split a unit of code into multiple units -
and not so much on what design patterns we split up into.
Designing for composability is a different way of thinking about software design -
and what I believe to be the subconscious design philosophy that resulted in the
design patterns as well as dependency injection.
I discovered the compositional design techniques as I started diving deeper into
software design from a more systematic and philosophic perspective.
In this talk I dive deeper into these simple principles and show how following them
naturally leads to the use of various different design patterns such as factory, abstract factory,
dependency injection, builder etc.

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