Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Lize Raes
Open Tide

Lize is AI Transition Specialist at consulting company Open Tide and Head of AI at a leading Swiss software company specializing in drug discovery and gene technology. Known as the public face of the LangChain4j framework, she loves inspiring developers to apply the potential of AI in real-world applications. Committed to applying technology to societal challenges, Lize has embraced roles such as cochlear implant researcher at Ghent University and advisor to the Belgian government, where her COVID-19 prognosis model was used to steer drug and hospital supplies during the pandemic. In her free time, you will find her behind the piano or in her woodworking atelier.

AI and Large Language Models are revolutionizing the way we code, what we build, and how we engage users. Developers now wield a new superpower to solve long-standing problems, speed up development, and automate even more aspects of society. 
Explore what's already possible in Java today, and discover the imminent shifts in our coding practices. Identify where to integrate AI in your applications and business processes, and get inspired to harness its potential for a positive societal impact. 
Discover how to thrive as a developer in an AI-driven future, and start unlocking a world of innovative solutions.
Join us for a guided tour through the possibilities of the LangChain4j framework! Chat with virtually any LLM provider (OpenAI, Gemini, HuggingFace, Azure, AWS, ...)? Generate AI images straight from your Java application with Dall-E and Gemini? Have LLMs return POJOs? Interact with local models on your machine? LangChain4j makes it a piece of cake! We will explain the fundamental building blocks of LLM-powered applications, show you how to chain them together into AI Services, and how to interact with your knowledge base using advanced RAG.
Then, we take a deeper dive into the Quarkus LangChain4j integration. We'll show how little code is needed when using Quarkus, how live reload makes experimenting with prompts a breeze and finally we'll look at its native image generation capabilities, aiming to get your AI-powered app deployment-ready in no time. By the end of this session, you will have all the technical knowledge to get your hands dirty, along with plenty of inspiration for designing the apps of the future.

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