Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Jacek Marmuszewski
Let’s Go DevOps

Jacek Marmuszewski - DevSecOps with over ten years of experience building and managing cloud infrastructure. He worked for companies like Sabre and Oracle on mission-critical systems. He also had his share in startups, where as an early joiner, he promoted DevOps culture and advocated cloud-native architecture.

Recently he co-founded Let’s Go DevOps company, where he helps others with designing, building, and maintaining cloud-native applications and infrastructure. He’s a big fan of cloud transformation and helps others leverage its full potential by picking the right components for the job.

Good, bad, and ugly - the art of load balancing at scale.
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
It all starts with a single server or two … and looks really simple on paper. However, creating reliable, modern, and flexible architecture is not that easy task full of traps and pitfalls.
  • How to prepare for the microservices boom?
  • How to scale up and down depending on traffic?
  • What happens when we lose half of the servers (aka. zone)?
  • What will happen when they all get back?
  • How to avoid tangled traffic flow?
  • Can we still have effective caching?
I will go through the evolution of load-balancing architecture, showing its strengths and weaknesses on every iteration and hopefully answering all those questions and more.

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