Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Artur Król
ChangeMakers and Bottega IT Minds

Psychologist, sexologist and soft skills trainer. He specializes in introducing "soft" skills in a "hard" way: very practical, systemic and down to earth. He has over 17 years of training experience, and with 10 years of specializing in the needs of IT professionals. Author of numerous books, blogger, creator of the Self Overflow vlog, focused on "soft" issues in IT. Personality wise, he's an neuroatypical nerd.

Looking for ways to improve your brain is a fairly common interest among IT professionals. Between the pressures of needing to learn new things, fears of age-related decline in learning ability and just plain geeky fascination with the topic, things like brainhacking podcasts, various suplements or nootropic substances have quite a following in the field.
Unfortunately, this makes it ripe for misinformation, scams and peddling pseudosolutions.
The main goal of this presentation is to provide you with tools of veryfing anything that you read or hear. You will learn the most common manipulations in the field, and what to pay attention to. But we will not just focus on what doesn't work, but also review the things that have been shown to work in improving our brain. They might not be as abundant or as flashy as we might hope, but tend to be fairly available, often free, and most importantly - they actually work.

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