Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Estelle THOU

Hi my name is Estelle !

I've worked 3 years as a Quality manager in food industry in a small French startup called "La Fabrique Cookies". During the initial COVID-19 lockdown, I had the chance to reflect on what was lacking in my professional life. With a background in engineering, I realised how much I missed engaging in problem-solving and analytical tasks.

Motivated by this insight, I embarked on a self-directed learning journey, diving into online courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. The more I learned, the more my passion grew, but turning this newfound interest into a career required me to make one of the hardest decisions I've ever faced: leaving behind my five years of engineering studies and three years of industry experience and restart from scratch.

Now, I'm proud to say that I've been working as a Software Engineer at Criteo, a leading French Ad Tech company listed on NASDAQ, for the past three years. My journey has also led me to become a speaker at notable events, including the European WomenInTech Conference in Amsterdam in 2023 and Snowcamp in Grenoble, France, in 2024.

⚛️ Hooks brought a wave of innovation, but we quickly found ourselves writing code that was difficult to read and inefficient due to its structure.
Signals emerge as a near-miraculous solution that allows you to clarify, simplify, and make your code more performant.
In this talk, we'll explore the inner workings of signals, a powerful alternative to React Hooks that will allow you to:
  • Write clean and readable code
  • Boost the performance of your application
  • Decouple your components for better modularity
Whether you're a beginner or experienced React developer, this talk will provide you with valuable insights to improve your workflow and the quality of your code.
On the agenda:
  • In-depth comparison between signals and hooks
  • How signals work
  • Advanced techniques to use the full potential of signals

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