Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Tomasz Klimek

Tomasz is a seasoned professional, leading AI & Data-driven, Cloud Native Software & Platform projects with a relentless focus on high performance and best practices. He collaborates directly with clients across diverse industries to tackle business challenges, drive lean product evolution, and navigate ongoing digital transformation. His software development approach is rooted in the Lean Startup methodology. With a strong technical background as a former Software Engineer, Tomasz specialized in complex backend development, including architectural solutions and computer vision. His driving force is constant curiosity and staying at the forefront of the newest technologies.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool with huge potential. But many find it tricky to achieve the success they hope for. In this session, we're bringing together experts from Allegro, KP Labs, Synerise, WP Engine, and ZenDesk to talk about their experiences in building effective AI solutions in various industries. While AI is new to many, our experts have used this long before the hype and will share their lessons learned, best practices, perspectives, and insights in the following areas:
  • The big wins and losses with AI,
  • How to measure AI success and quality,
  • Common AI failure pitfalls and how to avoid them,
  • Making AI solutions cost-effective,
  • How AI is changing the way we work.

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