Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Chayim Kirshen


Chayim is a veteran of the software industry with over twenty years of experience. He has helped release several operating systems, contributed to a variety of open-source projects, and built and maintained multiple datacenters, operations teams, and products. With experience contributing at SGI, Autodesk, Novell, SuSE, and others, Chayim has helped several organizations scale their codebase, development teams, and the organization itself - while increasing both the speed and quality of software releases.

Today, Chayim works for Redis as the Client and Ecosystem manager. He mentors new developers, and spends time slipping between languages, both spoken and code.

In the real world, Chayim plays a killer harmonica, hangs out with his wife and kids, and dreams about his roller-blades.

Before It's Too Late: Finding Real-time Holes in Data

Development Practices

Do you work with data? Is it large, unwieldy, changing, or flaky? Does it come in flavours, formats, and colours? Don't you need to import it, from whatever the source?. That's only the beginning of the life cycle.

Eventually you write scripts to handle different data types. You have to continuously massage your data, and support migrations because of it. Next come scripts - one offs. Don't forget the eventual system that gets created to try and handle this. That is a lot of flux, a lot of maintenance.

Or - we use a real-time, programmable database. Your importers can evolve and live as close as possible ot their data. Your applications now run faster, you experience less downtime, your users are much happier.  

In this talk, we'll import some historic financial data into a legacy, relational database. We'll use a real-time database engine to co-ordinate workers to update our data set, and finally we'll learn about options to scale our data handling horizontally. You will reduce the load on your applications. Plus, there are bad jokes.

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