Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Sebastian Gebski
Amazon Web Services

Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. ex-CTO, ex-VP/Eng. He has co-built online platforms since 2001: across all kinds of organizations - starting with startups and ending with international financial groups, on 3 continents. He was designing solutions for development factories up to 300 people and leading engineering organizations up to 70 people. Hyper-active blogger, co-host of CTO Morning Coffee and a serial reader. Fan of deliberate system design, System's Theory and practical applications of DSLs.

AWS is tech stack-agnostic, period. But it doesn't mean engineers in Amazon didn't do anything to improve Developer eXperience (DX) for JVM programmers around the globe. Let's make the rounds and review all the major QoL improvements & JVM-specific hints you should be aware of (if you deploy your Java/Kotlin/Scala/Groovy/... apps into the cloud). Some of the topics covered: Powertools for AWS Lambda (Java), SnapStart for Lambda (& other cold-start optimizations), runtime hooks (with CRaC) for Lambda, serverless Java with GraalVM, what's in AWS Toolkit & AWS SDKs, Java on Graviton, Q Code Transformation (with OpenRewrite), CodeWhisperer & Java, what's Corretto, Java on serverless containers with App Runner, JVM apps observability on AWS, CDK with Java, integration for popular web frameworks (Spring, Micronaut, Quarkus).

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