Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Muhammad Arslan

INVIDI Technologies AB

Muhammad Arslan has been working in different roles: Senior IT-Developer, IT-Consultant, TechLead and Architect. Vast experience of frontend, backend technologies and agile development. Currently working at Invidi as Big Data Architect in digital advertisement industry. Previously worked in fintech and media industry.

He has his own blog: He is also been contributing in open source projects and has contributed in a book ReactJS By Example. As a hobby he explores new technologies and techniques to solve real world problems and present in conferences.

Develop performance oriented streaming application with kafka

Hands-on Lab
Big Data & AI

In this workshop i would like to get deep into the Kafka architecture in order to understand how the best performance can be achieved. During the workshop we will build a sample application to understand the architecture.

Architecture of the application

  • Design the performance Architecture
  • Go through the different data formats (Avro, Parquet, Protobuf)
  • Understand different components of a Kafka system
  • Become familiar with the different terminologies

Basic production and consumption

  • Create a basic producer
  • Create a basic consumer

A deeper look at record production

  • Producing custom datatypes
  • Understand the guarantees delivery lifecycle
  • Keeping things in simple and easy

Understanding record Lifecycle

  • Offset management
  • Collaborative consumption, understanding consumer groups

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