Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Anna Filipiak


Graduated with Master's Degree in AI, but professionally started as Software Developer in AI-driven Polish company, went through Data Scientist phase in Silicon Valley startup and currently working as AI Engineer in Collibra. Passionate about research work with data, but takes care of the models throughout the whole journey until they make it to the production environment.

How much AI is in AI Engineering

Big Data & AI

Working with Artificial Intelligence seems to attract a lot of people who imagine the exciting work with the new cutting edge technologies, playing with neural networks and tinkering with the models. Well... they are not wrong, but the play time often ends pretty quickly and cutting edge technologies come usually in different places than expected in the beginning. Within this hour I will take you on a journey starting with the idea and showing you how we can end up with the performant, scalable and observable AI based consumable product. And, hopefully, prove to you, that both AI and Engineering mindsets are needed or at least very helpful during each step of this road. I will show you, how our AI Engineering team is creating the in-house AI applications to boost Collibra features with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

If you are a Software Engineer interested in working with AI - this talk is for you.

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