Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Dan Conn
Dan Conn likes to sit in the point between cyber security and development and over the past 10 years has worked as a developer in small startups, large corporates and many in between, catering for clients both public and private sector from SME size to enterprise. He has also had a strong interest in cybersecurity for just as long culminating in a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics.Dan is now a Developer Advocate for Sonatype. When not coding, hacking, or talking about these things... you can find Dan running, skateboarding, DJing or making music!

The future is quantum! Or is it?! Who knows?! We definitely do!? Right?!

Since its genesis in the 1980s to the 433 qubit IBM Osprey arriving in November 2022, a long road has been travelled. Science fiction is becoming science fact. A new branch of computing with its own complexity classes, and computational quirks (but no quarks) means a whole new world for developers to explore. However, new complexities present new challenges and interesting claims which are difficult to verify and unlikely. 

Have we established quantum primacy? Are we in a world of quantum advantage? Why is it unlikely researchers have shown they can break RSA-2048 with only 372 qubits? Why does this mean we really need to get a handle on implementing NIST Post Quantum Algorithms right now?! This is what this talk aims to explain.


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