Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Tomasz Cholewa

Tomasz is a DevOps Expert and a Cloud Native architect of environments based on cloud, containers and his personal passion for smart automation.

He teaches about DevOps and Cloud Native areas to help them gain new skills that will unlock their full potential.

He has created a free online course “Kubernetes po polsku”, because he believes the knowledge about this revolutionary project should be easily available to anyone.

He doesn’t believe in tools but instead utilizes technology to solve real and important problems that we face in our daily lives. He strives to share his knowledge with others by providing presentations, workshops, and training.

Tomasz has a drive for excellence and is known for his eye for detail (though he would hesitate to use the word perfectionist).  

He despises raw onion and dishonesty, He loves authenticity, relations and good cheesecake.

How to harness Kubernetes in a multi-cluster production environment

Delivery & Infrastructure

Does Kubernetes really solve the problems of distributed environments that easily?

What traps can you expect during regular use of it in production?

Why does cluster auto-update sometimes cause an outage of your environment and what are the ways of preventing it?

Based on the experience for the DevSkiller platform I will present a real-case scenario of working with multiple clusters distributed among multiple regions. I will cover the most interesting cases we have encountered during the platform development. The presentation will also include all the lessons learned, the money we have managed to save, but also spent during the learning process.

I will show how our CI/CD process has allowed us to quickly fix the Log4j vulnerability and will present other important tools that may help you in managing complex Kubernetes environments.

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