Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Radek Maziarka


Solution Architect and Engineering Manager in the Azure area. He works in the full scope of creating digital products - from requirements analysis, through the architecture and construction of an IT system, to its maintenance in production. After work, he carries out consultations and workshops for companies and provides technical support to non-governmental organizations. A supporter of agile work and continuous self-improvement. You can find him on his blog and Twitter @RadekMaziarka

How organizational structure affects software - Conway's law in practice

Soft Skills

Conway's Law was defined in 1967, but its validity hasn't expired. It says that each organization copies its organizational structures into the created solution. This means that if the structure of the organization is not aligned to the problem, the results of work will also be unfavorable.

It is especially visible in companies dealing with software production. A proper organizational structure will make it possible to quickly deliver working software and adapt to changes in the business environment. The inadequate structure will result in a situation where the number of created errors will exceed a reasonable amount - the system will become unsustainable.

In the presentation, I will use examples from our industry (Microsoft, Open Source) and my own experience to convey the importance of proper organization of work in order to achieve appropriate operational efficiency. I will present how to optimize its structure for business needs and I will also explain what Conway's reverse maneuver is.

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