Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Rafał Legiędź
Transition Technologies PSC

Rafał works as a software engineer for Transition Technologies PSC. Being in the industry since 2007 he develops his passion for the software at every possible moment. He believes that being pragmatic in our field is very helpful and proves that by switching technologies he uses whenever there is a need or an opportunity to learn new concepts. Started with .NET back-end solutions, he quickly became a web guy and then he got his head around different kind of mobile technologies and eventually VR/AR. Also a Microsoft MVP in Mixed Reality.

"XR Demystified: Separating Facts from Fiction in 2024" is a thought-provoking talk aimed at software developers who have witnessed the highs and lows of Extended Reality (XR) but remain skeptical of its progress and potential. With a critical eye, we revisit the XR timeline, dissecting pivotal moments and products. This analysis aims to dispel common misconceptions and highlight how these advancements have shaped the industry. The focus then shifts to the current state of XR, showcasing recent evolution in hardware (Meta Quest 3, Apple VisionPro, Magic Leap 2) and software (AR Foundation, MRTK3, Lightship ARDK) that demonstrate its growing impact across various industries.
This talk also simplifies the technicalities of XR development, making it accessible for developers looking to transition into this field. We discuss practical applications, emerging tools, and opportunities for innovation. Concluding, we explore XR's future impact on digital interaction, urging developers to rediscover XR with a clear-eyed view of its potential and challenges.

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