Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Graeme Rocher


Graeme Rocher is the creator of several popular Open Source projects including Grails ( and Micronaut ( and co-author of "The Definitive Guide to Grails" (Apress - Graeme currently works as an Architect at Oracle. Graeme is a member of the Java Champions ( and 2018 was awarded the Groundbreaker award by Oracle ( for his work on Open Source.

Building Database Applications with Micronaut Data and GraalVM


Micronaut Data allows the constructions of slick database applications that target a range of different database workloads from SQL databases to document databases like MongoDB and Oracle Autonomous Database. This presentation by Micronaut creator and Oracle Architect Graeme Rocher will take you through a tour of using Micronaut Data's key features including:

  • Persistence to SQL and Document Databases
  • Non-blocking database access with R2DBC
  • Programmatic and declarative transactions
  • Persistence events
  • Criteria specifications
  • Building native database applications with GraalVM and Native Image

To get an in-depth tour of Micronaut, Micronaut Data and GraalVM this is the talk for you.

Micronaut 3 & GraalVM Deep Dive

Deep Dive

This session is for developers looking to go beyond the basics with Micronaut 3.0, a microservices and serverless framework for Java, Kotlin, and Groovy.

Taking an extensive look at how advanced features such as dependency injection (DI), aspect-oriented programming (AOP), and ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation work, the creator of Micronaut, Graeme Rocher, will walk attendees through Micronaut’s elegant programming model and how to rapidly build compelling Microservice applications.

Graeme will also demonstrate how Micronaut can be combined with GraalVM Native Image to produce fast, efficient and optimized Cloud Native Microservices.

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