Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Tomasz Jędrzejewski
Allegro Sp. z o.o.

Tomasz is a Principal Software Engineer at Allegro, the biggest on-line shopping platform in Central Europe. Having previously worked on several platform features, he now leads the technical vision and architecture in One Delivery area. He is also involved in various scalability and code quality initiatives at the company level. He also enjoys helping others become better engineers through openness and sharing his experience. Personally, Tomasz is not only an IT passionate, but also a traveller who enjoys spending weeks on long-distance walks with backpack and bike rides across Europe.

What do you know about your metrics?
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Metrics and monitoring systems are one of the fundamental parts of distributed systems. Sometimes they wake us up at night thanks to automatic alerts :wink: , but they’re here on purpose: to give us better overview of situation in case of failures. But what do you actually know about YOUR metrics? Has this ever happened to you that you faced an actual failure and realized that you don’t understand what you’re looking at? Or spent hours debugging some weird problem only to discover that your metrics lied to you for all this time?
In this presentation, I’d like to raise awareness of certain class of problems related to bad metrics and lack of experience in measuring things. Some of you may have known about it for years. At the same moment a lot of (even senior) developers still hadn’t heard of them, making the same mistakes... or maybe didn’t have a chance to work on a right project to gain this experience? I’ll also share, how conventions can help your team making better metrics... and ultimately better alerts detecting actual failures. And show you some such conventions - maybe they will work for you?
This is not a presentation about tools or frameworks. It’s about your skills to diagnose problems and data to assist you in that. We’ll just stick to examples from the domain of distributed systems running on JVM.

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