Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Barbara Rychalska
Innsyte, ex-Synerise

Barbara Rychalska, PhD

Barbara is an AI researcher with extensive experience in practical business implementations of AI. She dedicated the majority of her work to recommender systems, natural language processing models, safety and interpretability of AI, and the design of AI-based platforms and services.

She is a laureate of many international scientific AI competitions: SemEval, SIGIR Rakuten Challenge, Twitter Recsys Challenge, and KDD Challenge. Together with the team, she took the podium in all of these challenges, competing against teams from Google DeepMind, Baidu, IBM, Amazon, NVIDIA, and other key players in the world of AI.

She is active in many international research networks and is an author of many research papers, which were presented at top AI conferences with an industrial twist, such as SIGIR, CIKM, or IJCAI.

She has co-founded the company Innsyte, which democratizes AI for business users. Previously, she worked as AI Research Director in Synerise. In her work, she focuses on ideating and creating AI-based products an services, such as - a platform serving private foundation models for behavioral data, and Cleora PRO ( - unique SaaS service for computing graph embeddings of relational data. In 2023, she received her PhD (summa cum laude) from Warsaw University of Technology for her thesis on AI for graphs and networks.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool with huge potential. But many find it tricky to achieve the success they hope for. In this session, we're bringing together experts from Allegro, KP Labs, Synerise, WP Engine, and ZenDesk to talk about their experiences in building effective AI solutions in various industries. While AI is new to many, our experts have used this long before the hype and will share their lessons learned, best practices, perspectives, and insights in the following areas:
  • The big wins and losses with AI,
  • How to measure AI success and quality,
  • Common AI failure pitfalls and how to avoid them,
  • Making AI solutions cost-effective,
  • How AI is changing the way we work.

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