Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Mervi Sepp Rei

PhD in applied physics. 15y experience in mathematical modelling - from rogue waves and optical solitons to modelling energy transfer in heart muscle cells. 9y experience in building science and ML into products. Passionate about doing applied science in a micro scale - building practical and useful smart features that are conscious of ROI, and first of all live in production and not dying in data science notebooks.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool with huge potential. But many find it tricky to achieve the success they hope for. In this session, we're bringing together experts from Allegro, KP Labs, Synerise, WP Engine, and ZenDesk to talk about their experiences in building effective AI solutions in various industries. While AI is new to many, our experts have used this long before the hype and will share their lessons learned, best practices, perspectives, and insights in the following areas:
  • The big wins and losses with AI,
  • How to measure AI success and quality,
  • Common AI failure pitfalls and how to avoid them,
  • Making AI solutions cost-effective,
  • How AI is changing the way we work.
From startup to AI startup: NLP in the age of LLMs
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
In the era of AI hype, many organizations fall victim to the allure of incorporating artificial intelligence into their products merely for the sake of appearances. AI products are created without considering its true impact on solving customer problems. True innovation lies not in the indiscriminate infusion of AI, but in a customer focused approach to addresses their pain points and in deliberate and thoughtful analysis to make sure the AI feature is truly beneficial and necessary.
Successful AI product development requires more than just technical prowess; it demands a fundamental shift in organizational mindset and structure. Small, agile teams akin to those found in research labs are better suited to navigate the complexities of AI integration. 
In this talk, I will challenge the notion that AI can be treated as a superficial embellishment, 
emphasizing instead the importance of utilizing data science to solve genuine user and customer pain points. In 3.5years we’ve gone from no AI features to no features without AI - I’ll share my experiences for how to keep ROI of AI in mind, when is the right time to deal with scaling, how to make sure your ML talent does not escape and what it takes to get AI features live. 

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