Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Ted Neward


Ted Neward is an industry professional of twenty years' experience. He speaks at conferences all over the world and writes regularly for a variety of publications across the Java, .NET, and other ecosystems. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, two sons, three cats, twelve laptops, seven tablets, nine phones, and a rather large utility bill.

Quick & Dirty (&Right)


For so many years, developers have been taught by the "craftsmen" of the world that quick-and-dirty is a sin, an evil that must be rooted out and destroyed wherever it is found. What if I told you that not only is quick-and-dirty not the outright abomination that "thought leaders" make it out to be, but a necessary tool to have... and should be a critical component of every project you build from here on out?

Busy Developer's Workshop on Building a Virtual Machine

Hands-on Lab

Ever wanted to understand how a virtual machine--like the Java VM, .NET CLR, or V8 Javascript engine--actually works, but were too afraid to ask? One of the best ways to get that knowledge is to sit down and build one, from scratch. In this workshop, we'll do exactly that: starting from "File|New", we'll build a working interpreter for a relatively simplistic virtual machine, and along the way, learn a great deal about how VMs work in general. But be warned! Learning this material could have the unexpected side effects, like great appreciation for other virtual machines and the start of a lifelong obsession.

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