Krakow, Poland, 19 - 21 June 2024

Ko Turk
adesso Netherlands

Ko Turk is a Developer (Ambassador) with more than 16+ years of experience in developing Java / Kotlin applications.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Working @adesso, assignment at the Rabobank. DevOps Engineer & Community Lead

πŸ‘₯ Part of the JFall Programm committee, Community reviewer DevoxxBE

🎀 Conference speaker, sharing about what he learned (every year new topic)

✍🏻 Loves to blog and write articles for the Dutch Java Magazine.

πŸ€” Believes in innovation, not in limitations

Pssst! Come closer, and let me share a secret with you. Have you heard about Maven Caching? It’s a feature that allows you to reduce your build time dramatically.
How? Don’t tell it further, but you can improve your local build by adding an extension in your project file (pom) or your .mvn hidden config file.
Does it sound simple? Locally, yes, remotely, no. In your pipeline, we need to do some more. Let’s secretly add a remote (cache) server to your settings file and say goodbye to your extra coffee breaks.
By applying some simple tweaks, we give your build a boost! Also, we will give you some tips on understanding the Maven lifecycles and improving your test and build by running them in parallel.
But here's the catch: this secret information is only reserved for those joining this session. Shh... don't tell anyone else about this. It's our little secret to building success.

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ICE Krakow, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17


+48 691 793 877


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