Krakow, Poland, 22 - 24 June 2022

Shaaf Syed

Red Hat

Shaaf is a Solution Architect at Red Hat. An opensource enthusiast. for the last 15 years, he has helped customers adopt open source solutions for applications, continuous integration environments, and frameworks. Previously Shaaf worked for EnterpriseDB, an open-source database where he created tooling for the database. Today Shaaf helps customers adapt to Red Hat's open source products and technology, and can be seen at local meetups, conferences speaking about Quarkus, Vert.x, Reactive, and open source.

Enter Serverless Functions Journey with Quarkus

Hands-on Lab

This workshop is designed to be hands-on experiences on how developers can get started with scaffolding serverless functions projects using Quarkus, a new Kubernetes native Java framework with familiar tools (e.g. CLI, Maven, Gradel). The workshop covers deploying service functions to AWS Lambda, optimizing the functions, making them portable across multiple serverless platforms ( e.g., AWS Lambda, Azure Function, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes Knative), and using the latest handy command-line tool (e.g. Kn func) to enable a Buildpack for function development & deployment in minutes. Lab participants will be provided a free sandbox for serverless deployments. The lab instruction(WIP) is here:

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