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You about Devoxx Poland

You about Devoxx Poland

The first ever Devoxx Poland is over. We have started preparing for Devoxx Poland 2016, however in the meantime, please take a look at blogpost, photos and videos from Devoxx Poland 2015. Please let us know if you wrote blogpost or upload photos and it is not listed here. We will be more than welcome to share it with others.

Devoxx PL 2015 from Roy van Rijn on Vimeo.



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What's Up? #DevoxxPL

@BrianGoetz After an inspirational keynote by Brian Christian this morning at #DevoxxPL I can now recommend: “Algorithms to Live By”, a book about applying math and CS algorithms to every day life!

About an hour ago from Roy van Rijn's Twitter

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