Last available tickets for conference | Devoxx Poland

Last available tickets for conference

Last available tickets for conference

After being sold out, we have added 250 tickets. Right now we have remaining 80 tickets available. Hurry up and register as we will be sold out second time in less than 2 weeks.
Also, you may want to stay 1 day longer in Krakow and take part in our workshops. They cost just 50 EUR for whole day. You can find list of workshops here.

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What's Up? #DevoxxPL

@piotrprz @Devoxx @DevoxxPL @DevoxxUA Actually #DevoxxUA has been around for quite some time and they just joined the #Devoxx family 2018. So is their date, they just changed it for 2018, as I understood it. Yes, it has advantages also for some...

About 2 weeks ago from Karl Brodowsky's Twitter

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